MEDIA ALERT: Free Webinars on Positive School Change Hosted by Hero K12: Tardiness and Positive School Climate on April 26 and May 4

School leaders give practical steps to get students to class on time, turn around school culture, and to improve learning climate in K-12 schools

MIAMI  – Two free 30-minute webinars on creating positive school culture and supporting students beyond academics are scheduled for Thursday, April 26 at 1:00 p.m. EDT and May 4 at 9:00 a.m. EDT.  Click to Tweet.

On April 26, school leaders from Lyman High School in Longwood, Florida; Garinger High School in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Lincoln Middle School in Passaic, New Jersey will talk about how they have reduced tardiness and turned school climate around at their schools using Hero K12 and other support measures. Tardy students have lower grades, poor standardized test performance, and are less likely to complete high school. Additionally, students who are chronically tardy are at risk of being suspended or other disciplinary action. The leaders on these webinars will talk about how they stopped the escalation of frequent tardiness by implementing positive behavior support and intervention strategies.

During the May 4, Rome Middle School (Rome, Georgia) will be the focus as leaders share high yield, practical steps to help reframe how schools manage student behavior and the impact it has on overall school climate. The school principal will talk about lessons learned in driving positive school-wide change and how other schools can make the process more efficient and manageable.

A recording of the webinars will be available here.

About Hero K12
With Hero K12, schools create a positive school climate and culture. Hero is a school-wide system to capture and collect data that allows schools to replace traditional discipline policies with initiatives that emphasize and recognize positive behaviors. Hero K12 is part of EdTech Holdings, LLC., building a portfolio of education technology products supporting the learner experience and allowing educators to more effectively deliver safe, positive and connected learning environments. Meet school heroes and see their turnaround stories at and @heromatters.


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