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Turnitin Acquires Gradescope, Expands Grading and Assessment Solutions for Higher Education

Gradescope, now under the Turnitin umbrella, optimizes grading workflows for STEM, economics, and business courses

OAKLAND, Calif. - October 3, 2018 - College enrollment and degrees awarded in STEM subjects are on the rise, and with more courses come more assignments that need to be graded. Turnitin has acquired Gradescope, an assessment platform that reduces the time associated with grading in college courses via an optimized online workflow and clever application of artificial intelligence. Gradescope makes it easier for instructors to quickly grade assignments and gain additional insights about student learning in any area of study, including economics, business, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Click to Tweet.

Originally developed by former Computer Science teaching assistants at UC Berkeley, Gradescope has quickly been adopted at many top higher-ed institutions, including half of all Ivy League schools, as well as at over twenty-five leading R1 universities, including longtime partners Purdue University and Carnegie Mellon University.

Turnitin, a leading provider of academic integrity and writing solutions, invests in technologies to optimize grading and feedback practices and supports authentic work across the curriculum. Under the Turnitin umbrella, Gradescope’s tools combine this commitment to authenticity with efficient, unbiased, and consistent evaluations for any assignment type, including paper-based problem sets, computer code, and engineering diagrams. With Gradescope, grading shifts from a delayed, one-sided interaction to a process that promotes real-time, relevant learning, and gives greater confidence in how to determine that students are doing their own work.

“Turnitin has partnered with higher education institutions to optimize grading and ensure originality for over 20 years,” said Turnitin CEO Chris Caren. “Bringing Gradescope into the Turnitin family allows us to realize our mission across more subjects, with more instructors and students than ever before. Gradescope represents Turnitin’s first formal foray into STEM education, an area of increasing importance, that must also be held to high standards of academic integrity.”

“As a part of Turnitin, we’re excited to accelerate the development of our product and save instructors even more time. We will continue to invest in AI-assisted grading technologies so that students get their work back more quickly and with more actionable feedback,” said Gradescope CEO and co-founder Arjun Singh.

“When using Gradescope, instructors capture valuable data that used to be thrown away,” Gradescope co-founder Sergey Karayev added. “This way, instructors can understand the meaning behind every point for every student and use this information to turn grading into learning.”

About Gradescope
Gradescope enables instructors to grade paper-based exams, online homework, and programming projects on one platform, with help from artificial intelligence. Gradescope is developing AI to provide learners with instant, high-quality feedback on all types of assignments. Over 60 million answers have been graded at over 600 institutions to date. Investors include:  K9 Ventures, Freestyle Capital, Reach Capital, Bloomberg Beta, GSV AcceleraTE, Ironfire Ventures, Entangled Ventures, and The House Fund. 

About Turnitin
Turnitin is your partner in education with integrity. Turnitin’s originality checking and authorship investigation services ensure academic integrity, promote critical thinking, and help students improve their authentic writing. Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback. More than 30 million students at 15,000 institutions in 140 countries use Turnitin, and over one billion student papers have been submitted since the company’s founding. Turnitin is headquartered in Oakland, Calif., with international offices in Newcastle, U.K., Utrecht, Netherlands, Melbourne, Australia, Seoul, Korea and throughout Latin America. @Turnitin


Tweet: Turnitin acquires Gradescope. Brings more efficient grading and assessment to college faculty in #STEM courses. @Turnitin @Gradescope
Summary: Turnitin acquires Gradescope, bringing more efficient grading and assessments to college faculty in STEM courses.
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