inquirED Launches Inquiry-Based Social Studies Curriculum for Sixth Grade

inquirED Launches Inquiry-Based Social Studies Curriculum for Sixth Grade

New inquirED curriculum focuses on the ancient world to help students develop important future-ready, project-based learning, and social skills

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CHICAGO – inquirED, the innovative developer of inquiry-based curriculum and teacher professional development, today unveiled a new, inquiry-based curriculum designed for use in sixth-grade social studies classrooms. Click to Tweet.

Inquiry-based education seeks to replace the old lecture and textbook-based methods of teaching and learning. It helps students learn the skills to investigate questions and solve real-world problems, essentially allowing students to learn both critical content as well as important, long-term skills.

Developing these critical thinking and investigative skills throughout a student’s elementary school career are vital to preparing them for success in the siloed, subject-based education of middle and high school. The approach has proven successful in a variety of education settings and is growing in adoption and application in schools worldwide.

“Inquiry is the heart of learning, questions compel us to reflect, iterate and learn,” said Shanti Elangovan, CEO and founder of inquirED. “And that’s crucial now because the answers to 21st-century problems won’t be found in the back of a textbook. Instead, students must learn how to craft their own questions, evaluate evidence, and take informed action – that’s what inquiry-based learning does.”

The new curriculum is part of Inquiry Journeys--inquirED’s K-6 digital social studies curriculum--and will focus teaching and learning on the ancient world. Like other units, resources, and curricula developed by inquirED, the new sixth-grade units allow students to develop critical, future-ready skills such as creative problem solving, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. 

“We are confident and excited that our new sixth-grade component will expand both the reach of inquiry education as well as the curiosities and skills of the students who will use it,” Elangovan said.

The new offering was made available January 20, 2020.

Founded in 2017, inquirED is a fast-growing education startup used by schools and districts across the country. In 2019, inquirED was added to the portfolio of NewSchools Venture Fund and received a Lean Lab Research Fellowship.

About inquirED
inquirED develops inquiry-based, standards-aligned curriculum and education resources that empower students to develop future-ready knowledge and skills. Their programs are used by schools and districts across the United States and include year-long social studies curricula for students and professional development to assist teachers and districts as they shift to inquiry.

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Summary (150 characters): inquirED, developer of inquiry-based curriculum and teacher training, has released a new sixth-grade social studies unit.

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