NEW CONTENT! Backgrounder: Contract Cheating, Paper Mills, Academic Integrity and Related Topics

Abbreviated backgrounder: Contract cheating on college campuses is escalating at an alarming pace (see reported facts below), with some estimates valuing the worldwide contract cheating market approaching the billion dollar range. The following are facts, sources, and references that can serve as background for articles on contract cheating, paper mills, academic integrity, and other forms of academic misconduct.

Media, Please email me for access to this backgrounder or to contact Turnitin. Headers remain only to show you the kind of information available. Full access granted upon request.



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Individuals at these universities are also available for comments and background (upon request):

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Recent News Coverage - NEW SECTION

Reported Facts and Data

See additional Primary Source materials in LINKS below.

Common Terms

International Response to Contract Cheating

The United States lags behind many countries in general awareness and/or enacting legislation to combat academic misconduct and contract cheating in academia. Read below for actions taken by other countries.

United Kingdom:





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