New NetSupport Classroom Management Platform: Keeps Students on Task, Whether in School or Remote

New NetSupport Classroom Management Platform: Keeps Students on Task, Whether in School or Remote lets teachers keep students on task when learning online, no matter where they are.

ATLANTA - NetSupport today announced that its new solution for classroom management,, is available to schools throughout the U.S. and Canada. This is the latest product from NetSupport, which has been supporting teachers with award-winning instructional and educational technology for over 30 years. Tweet this news.

As teachers and administrators are once again thinking through major transitions in learning locations and models, is now fully available domestically. provides unique flexibility, allowing teachers to monitor the applications and internet use on each student’s computer no matter where they are connected. With, a teacher can launch a learning tool or open a website for every student in the class at the same time or bring individual students back on task when they have wandered away from the lesson whether they’re in the classroom or at home or somewhere in between.  

“Now teachers everywhere can rely on to manage their students’ technology and keep them on task either learning at home, at school, or in a hybrid model, or even when moving back and forth between the two,” said Al Kingsley, the CEO of NetSupport. “It is, we believe, the easiest, most flexible and most effective classroom management tool on the market anywhere,” he said. is particularly relevant during the ongoing pandemic transitions because it can be accessed from anywhere, it works on many platforms, and it integrates with Google Classroom and Microsoft School Data Sync to pre-populate classes. Additional features of include:

  • Screen sharing with voice, chat, and messaging

  • Quick surveys to assess understanding and issue rewards, which helps motivate and engage students

  • One-click teacher re-routing to lock or redirect student screens, individually or all at once  

  • Student monitoring by the teacher is easy and private, like all NetSupport solutions, is heavily piloted and tested in real classrooms.  NetSupport made available, for example, in a pre-launch to a limited number of schools and districts in 2020. Its use during the transition to remote learning and through hybrid models has provided invaluable insight for the company as well as educators. Teachers may request a free 30-day trial here.

“NetSupport already had in development before the pandemic started and we accelerated its pre-launch to give access to a limited number of school districts that had the greatest need,” said Kingsley. “Having been through that fire, we are now delighted to share our great classroom management solution in this wide release.” 

NetSupport, based in the U.K. and U.S., is one of the longest standing education technology companies in the world and has more than 18 million devices running on its systems and platforms, including approximately 5 million in the United States. 

Read a case study about preparing for the hi-flex model here. The NetSupport Digital Strategy guide provides additional guidance for districts planning how to maximize tech utility in the pandemic.

About NetSupport 
NetSupport is an award-winning developer of classroom instruction, IT management, online safety, and remote learning software solutions for schools worldwide. Since 1989, the company has produced tried and trusted products that have an installation base today of more than 18 million users in over 120 countries. For more information about its solutions, visit

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