Source (and Quotes) for Unemployment News: Expert on New Jobs, Training

Source (and Quotes) for Unemployment News: Expert on New Jobs, Training

Localized and global perspective on what will be needed to retrain millions of workers, opportunities

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Unemployment numbers have just been released. Businesses and individuals affected by COVID-19 will be looking for perspective about how to emerge from the crashing employment opportunities.


  • Mikell Parsch, CEO of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers for comments, quotes, and backgrounding on topics related to workforce development, the skills gap, leadership, and training including upskilling, reskilling, and new-skilling. New Horizons is the global leader in computer-based training with over 200+ training centers in 35 countries.

In a 2019 study conducted by New Horizons:

  • According to the State of IT Training 2019 (attached below), a survey of more than 1,500 business leaders and IT professionals:

    • Only 40 percent of companies say they have organized IT training system in place

    • Only 36 percent of companies believe their existing IT training strategy is effective

Ms. Parsch can comment on what individuals and companies are asking the company to provide in the new world of COVID-19; how training is moving from bricks-and-mortar facilities to online; why live, instructor-led training (called synchronous) is more effective and more important than ever; and the immediate needs for retraining now and upskilling later will keep the U.S. economy moving.


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“For those workers who are displaced or laid-off, now could be an ideal time to learn new job skills. Quality and certified training is available from reputable, established providers live and on-line.  What this means is, you can learn new job-related skills while staying home under the guidance of an online, educational instructor.”

“Many companies had employee training programs or plans on their books. Now with this slowdown and mandatory displacement, there is an opportunity to fast track their training plans to be more competitive. If the office is closed and if work is slowing down, companies should consider upgrading the skillset of their workforce to be more efficient and more resilient.”  

“You can learn any new skill on YouTube or from a webinar, but that’s not enough. You need to be able to know that you learned that skill from the best possible expert and be able to show that certificate of training to an employer. Make sure you’re learning from a certified training provider with a live instructor. Make sure you’re getting a valid, verifiable certification upon completion so you can use that in your employment search.”  

“One take away from these shocking unemployment numbers is how fragile so much of our workforce is. We need to be trained with good quality, more resilient job skills such as those in modern office technology and management skills.” 

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